Mountain life with some of Sweden's most experienced and passionate skiers.

True Passion

After almost 4 decades of working in the mountains We decided it is time to really share our passion, expertise and wisdom about skiing! We want to use all of our experience to elevate skiers to their fullest potential. We want to awaken your body awareness and inner passion so that learning becomes more fun, more easy and more rewarding than ever. We want this to happen everywhere on the mountain and in any snow condition! We want to share our chosen lifestyle 24/7 to inspire a life in harmony with nature, and with more joy than ever! We want to share our stories and how we managed to live a life where skiing was and still is our life elixir.

The Concept

TRUE LEGENDS refers to a skier who has dedicated his or her life to ski as much as possible in life, for a long time.

Always looking for new challenges, but most of all having crazy lots of fun making your way down a mountainside. This is what we want to share, with all our passion, all our knowledge and staying true to ourselves.

Essence of Skiing

Our way of sharing the technical aspect of mastering skiing everywhere in the most functional and effective way is called, ESSENCE of SKIING! 

Where ” less is more ” is our leading star.

You will be guided through your own awareness how your body can master your way down a mountain, with ease and joy!

Join Us 23/24

Are you ready to take a big leap in to our skiing world?
We have private lessons and courses during the 23/24 season in Åre, Riksgränsen and hopefully Lofoten. 
Dates will be announced here when the arrangements are set for Riksgränsen and Lofoten.

Change comes by awareness and choice!

Let's have the best season ever!

Team Legends