Anders Fritzon

Anders "Fritte Freeride" has skied since he was a young kid but it was not until he finished his football career he committed 100% to skiing. Realizing early that a ski instructor certification was a door opener to spend seasons in the mountains.
Completing 3 certifications from his home country, to America and a Swiss Federal Brevet. This made it possible to work in some world known ski areas as Verbier, Telluride and Turoa.
Anders passion for freeriding made him an expert to coach and mentor  Big mountain skiing.
His wealth of skiing knowledge and his maturity enables him to bring great confidence in those who have the privilege to ski with him.

Anders shares his life with Johanna and his now 8 year old shredding son as modern nomads. Living in Undersåker and on Gotland at the moment. 
  • 61 years young
  • 38 seasons ski coaching
  • Swedish SSLF - ISIA Card certified instructor
  • Swiss Snowsport Federal Brevet - ISIA Card
  • PSIA Certified, USA
  • ISTA Avalanche Certified Coach
  • Extreme ski coach at Powder Extreme, Verbier
  • Mentor of Life Skiing at Skiers Accredited, Åre
  • SLAO and SSLF ski instructor trainer for 20 years
  • Swedish Demo Team Member 1998-2003
  • PGA Golf Professional
  • ICC Life Coach
  • Axelsons Massage Therapist
  • Founder of True Legends

Bengan i Baren

Bengan has dedicated his whole life to skiing and living in the mountains. Born in Norrland, skiing since a toddler, he made skiing his lifestyle. He spent 20 seasons in Riksgränsen where his reputation as the guy who opened Nordals north face most times. Back then on his 210 cm giant slalom skies and as many hikes as possible during a day. 
To make some money Bengan became the legendary "Bengan in the bar", at Grönan the famous and only bar in Riksgränsen. In 2000 he moved to Åre and continued his skiing dedication on all the peaks there.

Bengan lives for skiing and is probably the most likable person you ever meet. He still charges and loves skiing as much as ever. To ski with Bengan brings a smile on your face and you will ski places you never ever would find without him.

Not many knows yet, but he's an awesome designer and tailor creating beautiful one of a kind jackets and other garments. Instagram @benganibaren.
  • 64 years young
  • 42 ski bum seasons, Riksgränsen and Åre
  • 42 bartending seasons, currently at Fårö and Åre
  • Designer and tailor at Chokka

Stefan Pahleteg

Stefan has skied since he could walk. Both his dad was and his big brother is also ski instructors, but with Big mountain skiing as their passion. Stefan has worked around the world and has been coaching off-pist skiing in many ski areas in the Alps and USA. 
He has the highest Swedish, German, and French certifications.Stefan breathes skiing and from his racing background and coaching freeriding for three decades it's an honor to ski with him and learn from his enormous experience.
He is currently working for, and lives with his wife and two skiing sons i the Schwarzwald region south of Germany.
  • 54 years young 
  • 36 ski coaching seasons
  • Swedish SSLF Certified - ISIA Card ski instructor, already in 1991 only 22 years old
  • German ISIA Card
  • French Federal Brevet
  • German Race Coach certification

Per Swartling

Legendary Per has won the prestigious freeriding competition, NM in Riksgränsen in 1991! Still as fit and a Big mountain shredder. Per is a skier personified. 
He goes to the mountain as soon there is a chance. Especially to his home ski area Chamonix, where he has explored most of the skiable places for almost 4 decades. 
Per is an entrepreneur and is the owner of Vertical Experiences, which distributes brands like Icebreaker and Gregory packs.
Per is a happy skier and loves to explore the whole mountain and to share his massive experience with others. He also loves to share a aprés ski beer after skiing. Cheers!
  • 55 years young
  • 35 ski bum seasons
  • CEO Vertical Experiences
  • Fantastic tennis player